Fuels & Lubricants for Utility Companies

As a branded supplier of Chevron and Texaco fuels, Burkett Oil Company is an Atlanta fuel supplier for utility companies in North Georgia. We’ve been in business for over 35 years, offering quality products like fuel, lubricants, diesel exhaust fluid and coolants to the Atlanta area. With our experience and commitment to quality, we are able to meet the energy needs for utlility companies of all sizes.

We are a leading utility company fuel supplier, including electric and water companies. No matter the size of your fleet of vehicles, we provide high-level customer service and solutions.  We can deliver diesel and gas to your on-site location to ensure your fleet has a guaranteed supply. The amount of fuel needed to keep an entire fleet running can be expense, but choosing Burkett Oil as your fuel supplier can help keep costs down and allow you to budget your fuel costs more efficiently. Our supply of Chevron Techron fuel can help extends your fleets life and keep your vehicles running.

Contact us to discuss how we can keep your fleet fueled up and ready to go. 

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