Chevron Delo Oil

Chevron Delo Motor OilWhy choose Chevron Delo products? These premium lubricants ensure and prolong the life of heavy-duty diesel engines. Delo products made for optimal fuel efficiency utilize ISOSYN™ Technology. These products go beyond lubricating—they disperse soot and control sludge.

Delo products help businesses and fleet owners:
  • Maximize fuel efficiency
  • Extend service
  • Boost durability of the engine
  • Reduce operating costs

Burkett Oil Company offers customers in the greater Atlanta metro
area a full line of quality Chevron Delo lubricants for all types of engines. These lubricants are made to reduce deposits and build up in pistons and bearings, while overall adding to the life cycle of an engine.

Chevron Delo Products

Chevron's patented blend of base oils have shown to outperform synthetics in preventing oxidation. Delo lubricants can accommodate all types of diesel engines in all kinds of environments, even under harsh conditions and temperatures. Burkett Oil Company is committed to providing customers across Georgia with a full line of Chevron Delo oils including:

Delo 400 LE SAE 10W-30

  • Uses ISOSYN additive technology to mirror the benefits of synthetic
  • Protects vehicles that use ultra-low-sulfur diesel
  • More fuel-efficient than 15W-40

Delo 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-40

  • For high performance under adverse or extreme conditions
  • Can accommodate low-emission engines for engines with the latest LE technology and engines from before 2007

Delo 400 NG SAE 15W-40

  • Ideal for compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas engines
  • Protects from sludge and buildup in valves and pistons
  • Extends engine service life
  • Approved by Cummins and Detroit Diesel

Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40

  • For low-emission engines made after 2007, optimal for advanced emission control technology
  • Works well with ultra-low-sulfur diesel, as well as normal and low-sulfur diesel fuels
  • Also for use in older conventional and gasoline engines

Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40

  • Optimal for high-sulfur fuels
  • Provides best service life and protect cylinders, pistons, rings and injectors
  • For use in engines before 2007

Delo 400 SAE 10W, 20, 30, 40, 50

  • Ideal for four-stroke diesel engines
  • Maximizes engine overhaul intervals

Delo 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-40

  • Optimal performance under heavy loads and adverse conditions
  • Designed for newer low-emission engines and engines before 2007
  • Viscosity index improvers help disperse soot and stable viscosities between drains
  • Cold-engine starting

Delo 400 SAE Synthetic 0W-30

  • Optimal for engines in sub-zero temperatures
  • Lowers temperature, maximize outputs, less wear and tear

Delo 710 LE SAE 20W-40

  • For marine and railroad operations
  • For low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low-sulfur diesel engines
  • Maximizes engine cleanliness and reduce oil consumption

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By choosing Chevron Delo, you’re protecting your equipment and your business. If you’re an industrial customer in the Georgia area, look no further for delo lubricants than Burkett Oil. To speak to one of our team members, call us at 770.447.8030.

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