Chevron Products

Chevron fuels and lubricant products are among the best in the world, which is why Burkett Oil Company delivers a full range of Chevron high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel products with the patented Techron fuel additive.


Chevron gasoline comes with the cleaning power of Techron. Chevron with Techron helps restore lost engine performance caused by deposits left by lower-quality gasolines, keeps emissions low and cleans vital engine parts such as dirty fuel injectors and intake valves. Chevron's three different grades of gasoline—regular, plus and supreme—all are with Techron.


Chevron fuel also can benefit vehicles that run on diesel. The company's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) meets EPA and CARB fuel regulations and can be used in all cars that run on traditional diesel fuel. ULSD also is approved for use on all next-generation ultra-clean diesel engines. ULSD reduces particulate emissions and enables the use of sophisticated vehicle exhaust systems.


Automatic Transmission Fluids

Daily driving and the everyday wear-and-tear on a vehicle can result in serious consequences for the transmission. Chevron offers a complete line of quality Automatic Transmission Fluids specifically engineered for your vehicle to protect the transmission against tough conditions.


Fuel Additives

Chevron's fuel additives are unmatched in helping maintain and restore a vehicle's original performance and keep a healthy engine and fuel system. Chevron with Techron has become the world’s most recognized fuel additive. Two examples of Chevron's groundbreaking fuel additives with Techron are Techron Concentrate Plus, a complete fuel system cleaner with patented cleaning power, and Pro-Gard Fuel Injector Cleaner, which is specifically designed to remove harmful deposits from fuel injectors.

Motor Oils

Havoline motor oils, a Chevron brand, are the only motor oils with Deposit Shield that guard your vehicle's engine against harmful deposits. All Havoline motor oils promote long engine life due to their outstanding wear protection and preservation benefits. Using Havoline provides for excellent fuel economy, easier cold-weather starting, excellent protection in stop-and-go traffic and during frequent short trips, advanced deposit control for a cleaner and smoother-running engine, and more.

Antifreeze/ Coolants

Chevron Delo Extended Life Coolants save you money by eliminating the need for supplemental cooling system additives  by including a patented corrosion inhibitor. Supply your commercial transportation needs with Chevron Coolants and you'll ensure long lasting superior engine performance

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