Chevron & Texaco Diesel Fuel

Using the right diesel for your trucks and equipment is more important than ever. Diesel regulations have changed considerably in recent years, and Chevron and Texaco have been at the forefront of creating high-quality diesel fuel that meets EPA and CARP regulations. The fact of the matter is that not all diesel fuels are created equally, and Chevron’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) is engineered to optimize performance, help keep your engine clean, and meet environmental regulations.

Diesel Fuel Versus ULSD

What's the difference between regular diesel and ULSD? Quite simply, ULSD fuel, as the full name states, has a substantially lower sulfur level than normal diesel. As such, sulfur particulate emissions are significantly reduced using ULSD.

In recent years, if you have purchased a newer-model engine that requires diesel fuel, it, more than likely, can only use ULSD. In fact, using any other form of diesel could significantly damage your automobile’s emissions control system. Knowing that Texaco and Chevron diesel fuel is exclusively ULSD helps ensure that you are using the correct type of diesel and avoiding a potentially costly repair.

While highway tractor trailers, trucks, and cars may be the first images that come to mind when thinking of machinery that uses diesel, there are many other off-highway uses for diesel. Construction equipment, which often uses diesel fuel, has been impacted by ULSD. As such, no matter if you are operating a diesel truck or fleet of diesel-powered construction equipment, it is important to know how to properly maintain your equipment.

Along with the shift of using ULSD comes an added importance to maintaining your diesel engine with proper oil and lubrication. Fortunately, Chevron Delo oil, which uses ISOSYN Technology, is an ideal lubricant for diesel engines. Not only does help lubricate, but it also helps control sludge and disperse soot to help maximize fuel efficiency and engine durability. In the long run, it can really help in reducing operating costs.  

Another diesel product that helps in reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, while improving fuel efficiency is Blue Sky DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).  For companies or consumers looking for an easy, low-cost solution for meeting current EPA Clean Air requirements, Blue Sky DEF is the ideal solution.

Leading Diesel Fuel Distributors

The Burkett Oil Company is the top supplier of Chevron and Texaco diesel, Delo oil, and Blue Sky DEF in the Atlanta area. If your company is looking to use the power of Chevron and Texaco diesel products, we are here to supply you. Please contact us to learn more.

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