Transmission Fluid

For over 35 years, Burkett Oil has been a leading North Georgia and Atlanta supplier of transmission fluid for area businesses. We offer a full line-up of Chevron transmission fluids that meet specifications for multiple vehicles and equipment. 

Importance of Transmission Fluid

Transmissions receive a lot of wear and tear, especially transmissions on heavy equipment and company vehicles that are in the constant use. If your business requires you to haul heavy loads, move large objects, or put your equipment under heavy use, it is important to have the best transmission fluid to keep your transmission protected from wear, and operating at optimal performance. Replacing transmissions can be very costly, but keeping up with maintenance and using the proper fluids can help add to the life of your transmission.

Burkett Oil supplies customers with the following transmission fluids:

Chevron 1000 THF

Specifically engineered by Chevron to provide a premium and versatile lubrication for not only transmissions, but also wet brakes, hydraulic systems (such as power steering and brakes), and final drives for equipment, such as tractors, that have a common fluid reservoir. 

Delo Transmission Fluid ESI

Specifically formulated for manual transmissions on heavy duty equipment, Delo Trans Fluid ESI is optimal for equipment made by such manufacturers as Meritor and Eaton. Delo Trans Fluid ESI provides excellent oxidation and thermal stability, while also reducing wear and helping extending the life of your manual transmission.

Delo Synthetic Transmission Fluid

No matter the conditions, Delo Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a premium choice as a high viscosity and low pour point lubricant. Also, Delo Synthetic Transmission Fluid meets International TMS6816, Eaton spec, PS 164 (Rev 7), and Mack TO-A Plus requirements.

RPM Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Designed for heavy duty truck transmissions, RPM Synthetic Transmission Fluid is the ideal synthetic transmission solution for those needing a year-round lubricant that can deal with a wide range of temperatures and conditions. RPM Synthetic Transmission Fluid meets the requirements for Mack TO-A, API Service MT-1, and Meritor O-81.

Drive Train Fluids HD

Used for equipment requiring Caterpillar TO-2, TO-4, and Allison C4. In addition to serving as a transmission fluid, Drive Train Fluids HD can be used for several lubricating purposes, including hydraulic systems, wet brakes, final drives, torque converters, Caterpillar transmissions, and Allison Powershift transmissions.

Drive Train Fluid MP

A versatile lubricant that can be used for hydraulic systems, wet breaks, and transmissions that require Caterpillar TO-4, TO-4M, and Allison C4 lubrication.

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