Chevron & Texaco Gasoline with Techron

Chevron & Texaco Gasoline with Techron

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While it may seem that it doesn’t matter where you acquire your fuel from, there are considerable differences to keep in mind when deciding between fuel suppliers. We understand these differences and can ensure that you are receiving the highest quality gasoline offered in the industry. Burkett Oil Company is a proud supplier of Chevron and Texaco fuels and lubricants. With over 40 years of experience serving Georgia businesses, we have what you need to fuel your business. Check out our full line of Chevron products.

Why Choose Chevron Gas

The EPA requires that all gasoline grades contain fuel additives that assist in keeping engines clean; however, this is where a lot of fuel companies cut corners and only offer the bare minimum. As such, harmful deposits can build up over time and affect the engine’s performance.  This is where Chevron and Texaco fuels outdo other fuel companies and why they have earned a “Top Tier Detergent Gasoline” grade.

Chevron with Techron

Chevron and Texaco fuels contain Techron, an industry-leading fuel additive that keeps engines and fuel systems clean to constantly fight undesirable deposits.  Furthermore, Techron is not exclusive to grades, but is found in all Chevron and Texaco gasoline grades. This ensures that every automobile is receiving the highest-quality gasoline in the industry. 

Patented Formula

While many other fuel brands use simple polybutene amine (PBA) chemistry for their fuel additives, Techron uses a patented polyether amines (PEA) formula to deliver a superior additive that goes above and beyond the industry averages. Techron has been around for over 30 years and continues to stay well ahead of other additives. In fact, it even has the ability to clean up deposits left by lower-quality gasolines.

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Burkett Oil Company is the top supplier of Chevron and Texaco fuels in the Atlanta area. If your company is looking to use the power of Techron to fuel your business, Burkett Oil is here to supply you. 

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