Bulk Gasoline and Diesel Delivery

Burkett Oil Company supplies both gasoline and diesel bulk fuel delivery services throughout the state of Georgia. We pride ourselves on customer service, locale and high-quality products. 

As a wholesale and retail distributor of Texaco and Chevron fuels, we are a 1st Source Chevron Distributer that provides fuel with the Techron additive. Techron maximizes fuel economy and engine power while diminishing emissions. Our high-quality products and relationships with recognized suppliers allow us to deliver our fuel with the upmost efficiency to our customers.

Our Chevron and Texaco Fuels Include:

We’ll look at your operations and fleet size to help you determine the optimal delivery schedule and fuel type for your fleet. Our response times and dedicated fleet provide businesses with flexibility and cost effective fueling. Depending on our customer’s needs, we provide both small and large bulk oil delivery. Working with a wide-range of industries, our reliable drivers deliver to businesses, agencies and organizations throughout the Atlanta-metro region, as well as to clients all over Georgia.

Committed to Your Success

We're committed to the success of your business. Contact us to learn more about Burkett Oil's bulk fuel delivery services.