Coolants & Anti-Freeze

Chevron Antifreeze & Coolant
Burkett Oil provides a broad range of Chevron antifreeze/coolants designed to meet every customer’s needs. We keep our warehouse stocked with various sized containers from individual cases, to drums to bulk and have the ability to deliver directly to our customers.  We are able to offer both concentrate products as well as pre-diluted for your convenience.

Extended Life Coolant

Since the emissions reduction efforts in 2007, engines are more prone to run hotter than ever before. This has spurred a growth in extended life coolants (ELC). Heavy-duty equipment must rely heavily on ELC in order to maintain peak operating performance. When an engine fails due to overheating, production is lost and profits drop.

Many trucks and equipment are being filled with extended life coolants for a number of reasons including extending service intervals and providing the equipment to meet their service goals. They also use a patented organic corrosion inhibitor technology called “carboxylates”. ELC also helps improve water pump life and heat transfer in equipment.

Heavy Duty Coolants

HDAX Prediluted 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze Phosphate Free

Engineered for heavy duty off-highway and on-way diesel engines, as well as stationary natural gas engines, HDAX Prediluted 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze Phosphate Free is ideal for many common metal alloys present in heat transfer systems. Characterized as single phase, ethylene-glycol based coolant/antifreeze, HDAX Prediluted 50/50 utilizes low silicate technology and a powerful profile of supplemental coolant additives.

HDAX Prediluted 40/60 Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze 

An ideal coolant/antifreeze for heavy duty stationary natural gas engines that have to withstand tough, varied conditions. Using Chevron’s carboxylate corrosion inhibitor patented technology, HDAX Prediluted 40/60 Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze not only improves heat transfer in your engine, but also protects your cooling system to help extend its life.

Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze Phosphate Free

Made for on-road and off-road equipment in which the manufacturer recommends a fully formulated, non-extended life coolant/antifreeze that is phosphate free.

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