Equipment Rental Companies

For equipment rental companies, having quality maintenance care for your assets is critical to the success of your business. Each piece of equipment should not only provide excellent performance, but also reliability in order to keep renters satisfied and grow your business. At Burkett Oil, our goal is your success. That’s why we provide only quality lubricants and oils to keep your equipment running and meeting performance expectations.

For heavy duty equipment, we stand behind the quality of our Chevron transmission fluids.The Delo Fluids meet specifications for manufacturers such as Meritor, Eaton and Mack TO-A Plus. Chevron fluids provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability to maintain performance wherever your customers may be using the equipment. We carry a wide range of drive train fluids for Caterpillar and Allison transmissions which can be used for hydraulic systems, wet brakes and torque converters. For tractors or other equipment with common fluid reservoirs we carry premium and versatile lubricants.

We also carry a line of Chevron coolants to meet the needs of equipment both large and small. The pre-diluted heavy duty coolants improve your equipment’s heat transfer while also protecting the cooling system from varied use.

Our goal is to provide the products you need in the right quantities. We carry bulk and individual sizes that can be delivered to your equipment site. 

Contact us today and learn how Burkett Oil can keep your equipment in top shape.