Atlanta Fuel and Lubricant Supplier

Burkett Oil is a leading Atlanta supplier of gasoline and diesel fuels, coolants, transmission fluids, and lubricants. We service a wide-range of businesses in the Atlanta area with high-quality Chevron and Texaco products. We have helped keep Atlanta moving for over 40 years.

Burkett Oil supplies Chevron and Texaco gasoline and diesel fuels. Additionally, we offer a full lineup of premium motor oils, including Chevron Delo. Our lubrication offerings extend to such popular products as Chevron Automatic Transmission and other transmission fluids. As an established Atlanta fuel supplier, we can provide your business with the fuel you need.

Our range of products extends to lubricating oils for cars, trucks, tractor trailers, construction equipment, and other heavy machinery.  Also, Burkett Oil is an exclusive supplier to the Atlanta area of Blue Sky DEF.

Additionally, our offerings include heavy duty and extended life coolants (ELC) by Chevron. We can provide individual cases or drums to match your company’s needs.

Please contact us to learn how we can supply your company. We look forward to meeting your needs!