Which Type of Motor Oil Should I Use for My Car?

Oil changes are essential in maintaining the performance of your vehicle. The variety and range of oils to choose from may hinder you from understanding which is best for your engine.  Before beginning the decision-making process, evaluate the age of your vehicle, the condition of the engine and recommendations from the owner’s manual.  After evaluating these factors, consider the following components of oil prior to making a conclusion. 


Oil viscosity is its resistance to flow and shear. Viscosity is one of oil’s most important physical properties.  Oil thins under heat and thickens under cooler temperatures, and a healthy balance is needed to maintain performance.  Knowing the appropriate oil viscosity needed for your vehicle can help you increase engine life and service, as well as increase efficiency.  Burkett Oil Company provides a full line of Chevron Delo engine oils that will suit your conditions.

Oil Type

There are four primary oil types that can be used for your vehicle, and it is important to check your manual to determine which is best for you.  These four types include:
  • Conventional motor oil
  • Synthetic motor oil
  • Synthetic blend motor oil
  • High-mile motor oil
Burkett Oil company offers products in all four oil types and can easily help you determine which is best for your vehicle.

Oil Additives

Oil additives can aid in preventing rust, corrosion and engine-wear particles.  The additives maintain high-quality lubrication, as well as prevent varnish build-up.  For example, vehicles in adverse conditions or clients may benefit from a viscosity-index improver, like one found in our Delo 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-40.  Other additives may include antiwear agents or friction modifiers.  Burkett Oil Company provides a variety of oils with different additives to suit your exact need.

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