The Benefits of DEF

In recent years, manufacturers have figured out how to reduce ghastly nitrogen oxide levels, while still making more power and force than ever before. The introduction of DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid, has allowed consumers to still invest in heavy equipment and large pick-ups.  DEF is a catalytic reducer that breaks down the nitrogen oxide levels in fuel. Nitrogen oxide is given off through smog or other polluted particles, which contributes to acid rain, hampered plant-growth and global warming. Since 2010, regulations requiring diesel filters have gotten tighter and tighter.

What is diesel exhaust fluid?
Diesel exhaust fluid consists of deionized water and urea. DEF is injected into the exhaust stream, breaking down the nitrogen oxide into harmless water vapor. The DEF is stored in a separate, heated tank, and is never directly added to diesel fuel. 

What are the benefits of diesel exhaust fluid?
DEF contains no chemical additives. The simple chemical nature of diesel exhaust fluid is important to maintaining a functioning performance system. By using diesel exhaust fluid, a driver optimizes diesel performance while simultaneously avoids harming the environment.

Where is diesel exhaust fluid available?
Diesel exhaust fluid is not available just anywhere. As an EPA requirement for vehicles that excessively consume fuel, it is necessary to know where diesel exhaust fluid is readily accessible. Burkett Oil Company is the exclusive Atlanta supplier of Blue Sky DEF diesel exhaust fluid. A complete line of dispensing hardware, plumbing and accessory equipment to compliment or enhance container dispensing is also available. 

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